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Floor Heating Mats

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We are manufacturing and exporting comfort engineering product Floor Heating Mats which provides appropriately pleasant warmth for your feet, body and head from the bottom upwards. As it produces only very gentle air circulation, undoubtedly, is the best solution for domestic heating applications. Floor heating mats are installed under tiles or wooden or laminate flooring, in bathrooms, kitchens and entire homes. Brief outline of Construction- Flexible Fiber-glass mats that carry thin heating elements uniformly fixed on it. The heating elements are provided with primary PTFE () insulation, metal shielding and secondary insulation of PTFE or PVC, as desired. Heating cables could be single conductor and terminating on cold leads of 2.5m at two ends of the mat, or could be twin conductor and cold leads of 2.5m terminating at one end of the mat.
We also manufactured floor heating mats according customer desire specs.